..I am Candice Wong and I’m a Vancouver newborn and baby photographer. Acclaimed as one of the best newborn photographers in Vancouver, once upon a time I was far from this. Many years ago, before my passion grew for newborn & baby photography, I was a trained chef working in a small bakery. As much as I loved my work in the bakery, I always felt there was more out there for me. Around the time I starting having children of my own I felt a calling towards photography more then ever. Each and every detail in my first child’s life needed to be documented. This is when I truly knew I wanted to pursue baby photography as a full time profession. Not only did I want to be able to document each and every detail for others, but I wanted to just freeze time for all those special milestones in their baby’s first year of life. Nothing compares to the feeling of giving a parent the memory of their newborn child, as they will never be this small again. It really does feel the second you look away, your little one is no longer so little. They are all grown up. As much as we all want to press the rewind button unfortunately in real life, you just can’t. We get one chance and once chance only. Your newborn baby is only so little, so fresh and so new for once in a lifetime. Time passes by way to quickly and there is no going back. I love being able to capture timeless memories that will last generations. From the tiny little hairs on their backs to their flaky baby feet, these are the unique characteristics of new life, and I truly feel blessed to be able to capture their extraordinary beauty. I have been specializing in newborn and baby photography for 6 years and as a specialist, I have gone through countless hours of training to perfect my craft. Located in Aldergrove, BC / Langley BC  I accept clients from Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Abbostford, Mission, Richmond, Burnaby and the entire Lower mainland.

My photography style reflects me very well. Pure + Clean + Classic. Just as a baby is in my eyes.

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